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At Suga & Spice we feel that eating cake or desert is an experience. A feast for eyes, tantalizing taste buds, creating a smile. Try our Mini Naked Cakes filled & flavored to order & our range of mini deserts, isn’t it time you tried “High Tea at the Markets”.
Our cake and deserts are made with fresh free range eggs, and the highest quality ingredients available, put together using our very own recipes, pre-baked and cut to size at our registered kitchen.
Our Mini Naked Cakes are pre-baked, put together based on the customers taste, subject to our available fillings and toppings subject to availability.
Our flavor combinations for our mini naked cakes are limited only by imagination some of our most popular combinations are Black Forest, Brownies/Caramel, Lamington, Berries/Cream, Tiramisu, Cheesecake/Lemon Curd, Caramel/Pineapple/Cream, and much more.
A sample of our mini deserts are Strawberry Mini Slices, Mini Eclairs, Raspberry Macarons, Chocolate Cream Puffs/Hazelnut filling, Mini Vanilla Slices, Mini Choc Donuts and many more… the range varies depending of ingredient availability just to name a few…