Welcome to Suga & Spice

Welcome to Suga & Spice, and all things nice…

We have been very busy lately making sure everything is set up just right.

Following are the Menu options available dependant on the Market/Festival theme

Festive Offerings – Handmade with our own recipes, cutters and moulds,
Christmas – Gingerbread houses, and Hanging biscuits. We also have a GF option ChocSpice House, and for those that do not like ginger we have the AlmondSpice House.
FudgyRockyRoad GF flavours (Traditional and Peppermint) as well as CoconutCherry and Clinkers – we are always creating new flavours
Easter – Traditional Egyptian, Greek, Italian and Chilean biscuits. As well as our GF Brownies (Range of Flavours) and FudgyRockyRoad GF flavours as well as non-GF Flavours

Suga & Spice – Not just Cake – BUT- Naked Mini Cakes
Our flavour combinations for our Mini Naked Cakes are limited only by imagination some of our most popular combinations are Black Forest, Brownies/Caramel, Lamington, Berries/Cream, Tiramisu, Cheesecake/Lemon Curd, Caramel/Pineapple/Cream, and much more.
Served in a Plastic Mason Jar (reusable)
Served on an eco-friendly plate

Glutenfree Mini Naked Cakes – all fillings and toppings are GF and bases are made GF.
Served in a Plastic Mason Jar (reusable)
Served on an eco-friendly plate

Suga & Spice – Mini Sweet Treats (bite size)
Our Mini Desserts are Strawberry Mini Slices, Mini Eclairs, Raspberry Macarons, Chocolate Cream Puffs/Hazelnut filling, Mini Vanilla Slices, Mini Choco Donuts and many more…  the range varies depending of ingredient availability just to name a few…
Served on our eco-friendly plates

We are also in the process of developing a South American Menu with a focus on Chilean food.
Empanadas are at the top of the list – in the process of learning the recipe from Karina’s mum as well as some sweets

Suga & Spice – Middle Eastern MenuTeta’s Egyptian Flavours (Grandma’s Egyptian Flavours)
Teta’s Falafel (Ta’ Meya) – Homemade family recipe;
Freshly ground mixture of Legumes, fresh green herbs, garlic, onion, sesame seeds, herbs & spices shallow fried (we use Alfa One).  Cooked to order and served with Hummus or Tzatziki (yoghurt) dip and salad in a pita bread or a container (GF) (excluding bread) Vegan / Vegetarian (subject to dip option)

Teta’s Koshary – Homemade family recipe;
Rice, Lentils, Pasta, crispy shredded onion, thick Tomato sauce with garlic & seasoning spices.  Cooked to order and serve & in a bowl. (GF) Vegan / Vegetarian (subject to the inclusion of the Pasta)

Teta’s Halawiyat – (Sweets) Homemade family recipe;
Basbousa – Semolina and Coconut cake with rosewater or orange syrup.
Balawa – Egyptian baklava – Layers of flaky pastry and nuts with orange syrup.

So watch our pages and look for our posts so that you can sample and enjoy our mouth-watering delectable treats at the Markets, Events, Festivals and Soon at a Food Truck Park near you.

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You can also find & follow us on

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